Sellers Services

Aerial of Sunset on the McDowell Mountains and suburban Scottsdale ArizonaIf you are thinking of relocating in the Metro-Phoenix area, or to another state, and you need to sell your home, we will help you. We will sell your home for as much as the market will bear, in the shortest possible time. If you are moving out of state, we will help you find a dedicated Realtor in another town.

We believe in communication so you will be kept up to date with feedback every step of the way. We are always available to you and will return all calls a.s.a.p. You can call us evenings or weekends, as well as during the day.

How can you arrive at a maximum fair price for your home that buyers will be willing to pay? Buyers and appraisers arrive at a fair market value based on comparisons. Buyers arrive at this fair market value price by looking at homes in an area and then measuring the features of the homes against the price. While some buyers are looking for a “steal”, most do expect to pay fair market value. We will show you all the comparisons in your area, and then we will compare the features of the other homes to the features in your home. We will advise you what buyers will be willing to pay for your home, however, you as the seller will set the price.

We are dedicated professionals and our clients are our #1 priority. We want the opportunity to meet you. Call us at 623-466-7700.